"Your individuality is the key to looking fashionable while staying unique. You can be bold with attitude, or keep the mood simple and easy. Combine the look of sophistication, glamour, and femininity with voluminous waves, or be smooth and sleek. There is nothing more rewarding than making you look and feel good about yourself. I will give you harmonious hair, polished and in tune with your lifestyle."

Lady's Cut & Style   $95.

I always begin a haircut with a thorough consultation prior to your shampoo. As we discuss your wishes and desires, your hair history, and your fears and dislikes, I will suggest a look that suits those preferences— from soft and wearable to professional to fun. We will decide what is perfect for you. After your consultation, you will feel confident to move forward with your new look. I will identify styling techniques and teach you how to handle your hair between visits.

Blow Dry & Style   $75.

Your blow dry includes a consultation. Are we making your curly hair straight? Adding volume or waves? After a relaxing shampoo and blow dry you will leave ready for that important interview, special event, or fabulous night out.

Blow Dry & Lesson   $200.

To learn how to achieve magazine hair to die for, I recommend you schedule a blow dry session. In your session, you will receive a beautiful blow dry and style and I will teach you the best way to use what you already have to create gorgeous looks at home. Bring in your hair products, hot tools, brushes, and blowdryer and together we’ll decide what you need to toss, keep, and acquire so you can style like a pro!

Gentlemen's Cut & Style   $85.

I can help you achieve whatever look you desire, from a masculine urban look to a classic gentleman’s haircut. I use the highest-quality professional tools and products to create a precision cut. You will leave fresh, ready for anything.

Single Process   $95.

A single process is applied to your regrowth/roots.  A color refresher is usually applied to the ends to brighten and revitalize the color for an even tone throughout.

Double Process   $200 and up.

This a highly customized service designed to lighten your hair to the desired level. The second step is to tone your hair, roots to ends, to achieve the perfect color for your skin tone. 

Design Color   $175 and up.

Design Color is a single process which includes strategically placed foils to add dimension.  This is a very popular service which I recommend for almost every single process.  

Face Frame Highlights   $175 and up.

For those who want just a few highlights to accent natural tone or brighten up existing color. These can be low impact for an introduction to color or high definition for eye-catching locks.

Partial Highlights   $210 and up.

A Partial Highlight covers the top, sides, and crown, blending with your natural color. Use one color for contrast, two colors to complement each other, or multi-dimensional colors for a dramatic look.

Full Highlights   $260 and up.

A full highlight covers your entire head and will bring warmth to your skin and texture and depth to your hair. I will personalize your color using multi-dimensional foils and will blend two or three shades for a natural look, use contrasting tones for a more striking effect, or create bold panels that will definitely be noticed.

Balayage   $350 and up.

This technique for highlighting your hair is applied in a way that creates a natural, graduated effect. The regrowth is softer and less noticeable. This is a low maintenance way of highlighting your hair.

Gloss   $90 and up.

A service designed to refresh your hair. Go for shine only, gentle tones to neutralize dull brunettes, revive brassy blondes, or give washed-out reds a lift. In addition to shine, this service adds vitality and improves condition.

Consultation   $95 for 30 min.

Head in to see Priscilla with your hair styled as you normally would (though not too dirty, of course). Be clear and honest about any chemical treatments or coloring that has been done in recent months. This service is especially beneficial to those who have never colored their hair or to someone planning a complete change.

Corrective Color

I specialize in corrective color and will explain the steps we’ll take to move from your current color, to one that will allow you to feel more confident and comfortable. Because each case is different from the next, I ask that you make a consultation appointment prior the service so we can establish the best and safest way to improve the condition of your hair and transition to your desired look.

Scalp and Deep Conditioning Treatments

Conditioning treatments add luster while eliminating flyaways, building strength, and restore health and vitality to your hair. Let the scent relax you as the conditioner goes to work, giving tired hair an energy boost.

All conditioners are applied to cleansed and towel-dried hair, roots to ends. Heat is used to open the cuticle, allowing the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. During the cool-down period, the cuticle will close around the conditioner, sealing in lasting nourishment. I can also help you select an at-home product that will enhance strength, moisture, shine, and protection between visits.

There’s nothing like a good scalp massage to melt away tension. The benefits of these treatments extend far beyond relaxation. Scalp treatments unclog the hair follicles, releasing natural conditioning oils. Plus they simulate blood flow, so nutrients can better reach the scalp and nourish your hair.

Styling for the Bride

When you choose me as your Wedding Stylist, you’re getting more than someone to do your hair- you get the whole Priscilla package. My passion is making you look your personal best for your Wedding Day; from the first consultation to the trials and through to your Big Day, my enthusiasm and professionalism will allow you to relax and look radiant.   Also, through my vast experience I’ve become acquainted with an army of creative professionals whose expertise will make your Wedding an extraordinary event. Having recently been married myself, I know the importance of a good recommendation, and my preferred professionals made my day dazzle!

I will gladly accommodate you and your party on location or in the salon. To inquire about bridal pricing, please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a consultation.


I’m certified in working with the absolute best hair extensions in the world. Extension packages include: in-salon extension application, a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, a specially-made hairbrush to preserve your extensions, and in-salon extension removal.

Hair extensions aren’t just for Hollywood, and there are numerous ways to use them to glam up your look. For special occasions such as Weddings or formal parties, add a row at the nape of the neck for length, or apply them throughout the hair to boost volume and make your style extra fabulous.

Be sure to book a consultation prior to your appointment to determine the perfect color, amount of hair, and time we'll need to create your new look.  


Please Note: Some prices may be adjusted for long, thick, and/or curly hair.